To cancel your subscription please contact us and request cancellation of your subscription.
We will then confirm your
cancellation request, cancel your subscription and let you know the end date of the service we provide to you.


If you cancel before we provision your order we
will refund your initial month's subscription payment.

If you order the wrong product we will refund your subscription payment as long as you contact us to cancel the
incorrect order within 24 hours of making the order. If we haven't provisioned the order yet then we will also
refund your subscription even if 24 hours have elapsed since placing the order.

Please note that cancellations that occur after the first month of subscription will not result in a refund, and your
service will run up to the end of the prepaid period (e.g. end of month two if you cancel midway through month 2).


  • All prices require UK VAT at 20% for EU customers.
  • Refunds are not available for days left on account after cancellation. Your account terminates at the end of your
    paid month.